2023 New Mini Cooper GP Concept, Specs, Release, Price

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2023 New Mini Cooper GP Concept, Specs, Release, Price. Mini-Cooper is sixty ages old; You force think with the recent reveal of the 2023 New Mini Cooper GP Specs, Price, Release in electric. Their future is all-electric but in actual fact, It isn’t because this is the new GP.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Drivetrain

The John Cooper Works GP or more easily referred to as the GP 3 is minis final 60th birthday present to itself. Like the two previous GPS production is limited 3000 worldwide with 575 staying in the UK. Now you won’t be confusing the GP with any other mini in the range. Because this front end it is bonkers isn’t it.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Redesign

About dimensions that are 40 millimeters wider, the track is 40 millimeters wide and that’s thanks to these big side skirts here but I’ll come on to those in a minute. But the front end is very distinctive firstly it’s grille, Now these grille readers jut out compared to the standard mini.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Price

Then, He’s got this chilly red insert in front with the bold 2023 New Mini Cooper GP badge on the side. Lower down We mean look at this nose it is absolutely massive isn’t it sucking air into that 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine.


Now there are no chrome details on the front whatsoever so there’s black trim around. The lights black trim inside the lights as well and the mini badge no chrome on that whatsoever. We think it looks absolutely fantastic that badge.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Price

Because it’s got these floating spats, now round to the side and this is where things get really interesting. Just look incredible don’t they and every single car is numbered that’s not a transfer. That is underneath the clear coat but it’s not plastic, It’s not metal, It is from recycled carbon-fiber.

Now We shudder to think how they’re going to stand up to life in a way Trey’s car park. Now curiously for a halo, John Cooper Works product the only John Cooper Works logo on this car is on the brake calipers everywhere else it is festooned with 2023 New Mini Cooper GP logos. So at the front there on the center caps all the way down the side of the door.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Wallpaper

Then we get to the spoiler, Now We think the spoiler is the big thing about this car, but in terms of size and in image We mean it’s absolutely enormous isn’t it. Because this spoil has got an interior, it’s on the inside. Now it was painted in Chile red and there are some really nice little design details.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Spy Shots

So this channel here allows you to actually open the boot Because you’ve got the radio antenna there but just look at this the guttering fades into the spoiler really nice attention to detail.

The back We think it’s just even crazier Than the front now to start off with we’ve got darkened Union Jack lights lenses which really adds a touch of menace to the back of this car. Again, We’ve got the black mini badges in the GP badge. We’ve got this lower valance which is unlike anything else in the mini range with these two enormous exhaust pipes.

It’s these floating spats, We mean these rear ones are totally different from the front they are enormous. And really do mark out this GP being different from any other John Cooper Works or Mini Cooper S model in the range.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Interior

Now on first impressions, The interior may look is similar to a regular mini but then you start to notice the little design details. What separates the GP from any other mini in the range, Such as the bucket seats here with GP on them.

The steering wheel doesn’t have a John Cooper Works logo on it. It does have is a little piece of plastic at the top. Because it’s 3d printers, and that piece of plastic is very important. Now minis making a big thing about its mini Eul’s customization program with the GP. You can get a wide assortment of printed parts in this car. Such as the dashboard panel with the car identification number printed on it.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Features

In front of the driver, you’ve got a fully digital display just like you get on the mini electric. You don’t get every range and green data such as that you get your own GP set of displays.

The dual cards in front of you, they don’t have peace of the nice piece like gloss black trim here. It’s just standard plastic. Above up, you’ve just got a standard light you don’t get the little toggle switches to change the ambient lighting. In fact, you don’t get ambient lighting in here whatsoever.

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Now if this car does feel a bit to poverty spec for you. The mini cooper GP will say you’re a GP pack for 2,000 pounds. It also gets seat heating upgraded including also dual-zone climate control. , if you do need to remind yourself this is a proper stripped out car.. All thou requires to do is see in the back, Because just like the GP 1 and the GPT. There are no back seats whatsoever all. You’ve got is a strengthening beam so be careful of some flying shopping weren’t you.

2023 New Mini Cooper GP Price and Release Date

The production starts in March we get to drive the car in April next year.

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