2023 Kia Stinger Changes, Release Date, and Specs

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2023 Kia Stinger Changes, Release Date, and Specs. The new Kia you understand the models of cars they produce sensible ones with a seven-year warranty good they maybe but you wouldn’t call them stylish. Well, you can now though this is the new Kia stinger and it’s a five-door coupe, 2023 New Kia Stinger Changes, Release Date you must look at it on Release.

2023 Kia Stinger Engine

It Kia saying they can produce sexy stylish premium cars as well. As the conventional stuff so what you’re looking at there? is Kia’s take on the Audi a5 Sportback? exactly is it a case of style over substance and 2023 New Kia Stinger Changes, Release Date car really as good as it looks. It Kia should be buying well we gon na be answering all of those questions in this review.


Let’s take a closer look at this, then it certainly looks like no other car in the model range and that’s for one very good reason. Once and for all Kia has transformed itself into a desirable brand, this is supposed to be the flagship a car that shows.

2023 Kia Stinger Images

Whether it manages that total brand transformation is quite frankly a question for another day. This is an incredibly good-looking kite so good in fact people don’t think.

Because it’s white and long low and something you wouldn’t expect from that very sensible Korean carmaker, the new Kia Stinger is a cure and that’s. It’s also far more daring than this car’s chief competition the Audi a5 Sportback and the Volkswagen Archean.

2023 Kia Stinger Engine

There’s the GT line the gues 18-inch alloy is heated leather seats touchscreen sat-nav apple car play and android also. It also gets a head-up display a limited-slip differential and loads of safety kit. it’s only the halogen headlights that let the side down.


The Inside though and it’s almost a bit of a letdown there’s no lovely design details. There nothing that makes you feel special, Nothing to let you know you’ve bought something that’s a 5-door sporting GT car like the stinger. We mean it’s such a sharp contrast to the exterior design.

2023 Kia Stinger Concept

Having said that the quality insides are very good, It’s not quite up to the Audi five-level. Everything feels really good as a nice soft-touch dashboard there or the materials real metal trim. Everything just seems really nicely put together as a bit of storage in there.

2023 Kia Stinger Interior

As well as two cupholders we’ve got a wireless charging pad there with a little USB charging port under there. We’ve got some more storage the glovebox or look at there it’s absolutely enormous, it’s large enough for a two-liter bottle of water. Because the door bins certainly don’t pass it, it’s good really.

Now whilst We do moan about the design in here it does feel a little bit more special than a Volkswagen art in. As it’s the flagship of the Kia range there are no BOGO trim levels here.

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2023 New Kia Stinger Infotainment System Changes

Take the infotainment system, it’s absolutely fine but in the car costing this much, it’s just a bit ordinary. It’s fine in a Kia Ceed but not quite so much in the New Kia Stinger 2023.

The new Kia Stinger GT Lyoness adds a Harman Kardon sound system heated and ventilated front seats a power tailgate and LED headlights while. The GTS gets Brembo brakes adaptive dampers 19-inch alloys and plush Nappa leather upholstery.

Back Seat

Now for a sporting GT car like this, you ‘d expect criminal levels of backseat space. You ‘d expect to be cramped and crossbow phobic. Not so in the stinger because the amount of space that we have got the girl is knee room. Ao, all of that well it’s almost like a limo back there.

Aren’t limo levels of headroom however we just over 5 foot 10 and we absolutely fine. , if you’re over 6 foot you’re probably going to struggle however you’ve got room to actually slouch a bit.. Then the Headroom is absolutely fine.

now you can just about fit three people back here the middle seat person well they do sit on a bit of a raised seat and again Headroom is really tight. They won’t be struggling too much for space, because of these really wah footwells and this really narrow Center transmission tunnel.

You’ve got an armrest as you ‘d expect with two cupholders there’s. Because they are attached, it is vixx points you won’t be losing the caps. It’s really easy to load child seats. And if you want to there’s a 12-volt socket down there and a USB charging port.

Boot Capacity

The Stinger only comes as a hatchback so it means loading stuff in is very straightforward an electric tailgate comes a standard on the top two trim levels. But in terms of size, it’s quite a way off the boots. You’ll find in the Audi a5 Sportback and the BMWs brand pay which is a bit of a shame.

2023 New Kia Stinger Engine Changes

The ng range is pre straightforward Boum present diesel designed to appeal to fleets and is a two-point two of 197 brake horsepower. They can return acclaimed 50 mpg and it’s a hundred forty-seven g/km of co2. It is also two-liter petrol with 244 brake horsepower and a 3.3 liter v6.

The diesel will take up the vast majority of stinger sales, but don’t overlook the petrels. Because there are two great petrels in this thing. There’s the 2-liter force under the turbo petrol with around 245 brake horsepower. Really punchy injured actually quite low down.

It’s just a nice engine but then there’s this which is reserved exclusively for the top-line GTS trim and it’s a 3.3 liter v6. That does a hundred and sixty-eight miles an hour and not to 62 in 4.7 seconds. It’s actually a very lusty engine this really good power delivery low down in the rev range this thing absolutely fires away.

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It’s not quite as snappy as a gearbox in an s5 Sportback or a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. It’s not too bad at all you can take manual control with E the paddles.

Driving a 2023 New Kia Stinger and Release Date

The Stinger is exclusively rear-wheel drive there’s no four-wheel-drive option like there is in a BMW or in the Audi. So it means this thing it’s got really sharp agile handling.

Now top-spec models get a limited-slip differential. It very helps to keep everything in control because this thing can’t get a little bit. A little bit fruity at the tail. Sometimes if you’re a little bit too gung-ho with the throttle with you turn the car into Sport and Sport Plus mode. Which turns the traction control off completely.

This thing does like to shake its bottom around a little bit, but it’s really nice. It doesn’t feel too overwhelming and it’s a nice sort of antidote to the Quattro four-wheel-drive system in an Audi s5 Sportback.

It’s more fearsome than the pretty dead and lifeless steering in the Audi a5 Sportback. And the surprising elasticity you get and the Bentley 4 Series Gran Coupe the steering, and this is probably the best of all of them actually.

This thing just feels nice and agile it is pretty heavy though at just over 1,800 kilograms. It doesn’t feel too heavy like, We say it feels quite agile quite light of foot.

Now when you play around with the drive modes in this car, you can flip from come4 that’s the default mode. There’s an eco as a smart mode, but there if you dial it up to Sport and Sport Plus. This GTS gets adaptive dampers are standing and the ride does firm up a little bit. Not bad at all by any stretch of the imagination.

Generally speaking, if We kick it back into comfort the ride on this car is really very good and simple. The whole car is actually very surprising you can cover great distances in this car. It not only does it feel sporty and agile, when it needs too.

It feels serene and comfortable at the same time it’s a really good impressive car. Overall the New Kia Stinger 2023 is a hugely likable car. It’s not perfect, but it is interesting to look at being and is good to drive.

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