2023 Land Rover Defender US Release Date, Price, Specs

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2023 Land Rover Defender US Release Date, Price, Specs. Landrover fans, All around the world have waited three years for a brand new of 2023 Land Rover Defender USA Price, Specs, Release Date. The world goes the 2023 Land Rover Defender USA Price, Specs, Release Date is right up there but replacing a car. That was in production for nearly 70 years is they’ve been a feat that’s the way. This one has been a long time in the making.

2023 Land Rover Defender Interior

In S models get 19-inch alloy wheels leather on the steering wheel. A center console with an armrest she gets the 20s upgraded LED lights, Blind Spot Assist. On the 110 IS OFIX on the front passenger seat. There’s HSE which gets things like a sliding panoramic glass roof matrix LED headlights and cooled front seats.

While the defender X gets a black contrast roof terrain response to and a head-up display. That’s really not all there are four accessory packs which we will guarantee. You’ll want to buy the adventure includes a side-mounted panty a box an integrated air compressor, mud flaps, and the portable rinse system. With a pressurized water reservoir and a backpack built into the rear seat.

2023 Land Rover Defender Interior

The country is the posh one for shooting and adds wheel arch protection. A full-height load space partition while the Explorer pack brings things like a raised air intake a twenty-six-kilogram. Roof rack and the same gear carrier as the adventurer.

Urban is the last one and the fashionable one apparently with lots of bright silver trim. A lot of alloy wheel choices And if that’s not enough. They’re around a hundred and seventy accessories on offer. Things like roof-mounted tents and lots of exterior options including. 2023 Land Rover Defender USA 90s satin painter app to protect the paintwork which can be removed and this checkered car plates in various places around the bodywork.

2023 Land Rover Defender Price

2023 Land Rover Defender USA Engine

Under Bluff, The nose will be a pair of pedals, two types of diesel on offer at launch the p300 uses a 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. With 296 bhp while the p400 uses one of gel ARS brand-new 3-liter supercharged and turbocharged straight-6 petrol.

The engines get an 8-speed automatic gearbox with a twin speed transfer case. That offers low range ratios 90s get coil springs are standard with air suspension. As an option, while the 110 gets air as standard and there’s also a plug-in hybrid defender on the way which will arrive sometime in 2023.

2023 Land Rover Defender Wallpaper

Now here’s, The bit you want to know what’s it like offroad well Land Rover claims the new defender is even more capable off-road. Then, Its predecessors which are quite a statement. There’s a late configurable terrain response to systems. You can fine-tune the car. A new weight program that pumps up the air suspension or closes the car’s air vents.

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2023 Land Rover Defender Spy Shots


The front we mean it looks pretty special isn’t it you’re not going to mistake this for any other SUV on the road. We believe it looks a bit like a concept car. There are still some key defender design cues going on here. The geometric forms going on here a lot of square Z all look very modern very clean-cut.

Clear sight ground views, So you can see the terrain directly beneath you and a rear-view mirror that can become a screen giving you better visibility. The defender should never have to visit a dealer to receive upgrades as there are over-the-air updates.

Just like its predecessor, you’ll be able to get many versions of the defender even including a couple of commercial variants at launch there are five versions of the private car.

The standard, One gets lovely 18-inch steel wheels a heated windscreen LED lights to fog lights eight-way adjustable heated front seats. The 10-inch screen with apple car play and Android also clear side ground view.

2023 Land Rover Defender USA Exterior

The sides, This is where the defender does pick up some of its heritage because you’ve got these square wheel arches this steeply raked windscreen look a little kink up there that is straight from the defender Starbuck.

Now it’s got the exterior-mounted the wheel. It’s got the side-opening tailgate it is typically Land Rover heavy which is all good now. This is the 90 you can see it is the three-door.

There is 110 which is got the five doors and if you do need a bigger boot. The potential to care two people in the back to make it a seven-seat or five plus two is Land Rover likes to call it.


The exposed screw heads there what we cover them up it’s a 2023 Land Rover Defender USA for heaven’s sake isn’t it now there’s an apparent reference to this car’s heritage here. Because you know we said the 19 years of five-seater where you can actually make it a six-seater. If you go for the optional jump seat it because it’s so raised work.

The in its lowered position you’ve got a couple of cup holders you’ve got lots of USB ports there as well. But you can actually raise it. and then, you’ve got space for a child to sit there, and it just harks back to those classic days of motoring with mum and dad up front and the kid in the middle.

Now you can go for a multitude of different options here. Different interior trims and colors, We’ve got sort of a textile and leather combo here. You can go for full leather full textile complete material all kinds of different options.

One of which is this fabric roof, It folds back you can have a standard roof if you like but that again is perfect for your sort of Safari trips way.

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There’s nothing retro about the tech onboard. The defender as it debuts a brand new entertainment system for Jaguar Land Rover. It’s called PV pro and says it’s quicker and easy to use. It’s other older systems and is housed in a 10-inch glossy touchscreen. There’s apple car play and android auto are standard. It’s also home to the defender’s vast array of off-road programs.

More of that later, There’s also a new version of Land Rovers activity key there’s a smartphone app to control your defender. You can specify a head-up display. The defender gets two of Dellal’s newest pieces of tech from the Range Rover Evoque.

2023 Land Rover Defender USA Interior Back Seat

Now, The joy of editing we have been able to hop from the front seats of the 90 into the back seats of the 110. This is the real family car of the range. You can tell that because of the amount of space back here we mean have got tons of knee room of headroom.

Because you’ve got this glass roof here, another feeling you get back here is of light and spaciousness. You’ve got the Alpine lights? Of course, Which just bathed the rear quarters in extra light and that you can have 2023 Land Rover Defender USA seating combinations in here as well. You can have our standard five-seater. If you opt for it or you can have a five plus two we’ve got the five plus two here, you have a six-seater with that jump seat.

Now you to get into the back you just this seat downslide that forwards and there you can see you’ve got your two individual places back there. They’re not electric and it’s not a full seven-seater but therefore they’re for occasional use, you just pop that seat up there like the headrest. We say it’s absolutely perfect for children back there.

You’ve got heated seats, and again you’ve got loads of light, and this car is all about so durability and sort of strength and extra versatility.

2023 Land Rover Defender Price and Release Date

The old defender for prices well they start a bit lower than you were probably expecting. An essential defender 110 with a d200 diesel engine and cost 45.240 pounds. But they shoot up to a pretty alarming 78 thousand eight hundred pounds for the P 400 X 110.

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