Lexus LC-500 2022 Convertible Price, Release Date, and New Design

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Lexus LC-500 2022 Convertible Price, Release Date, and New Design. every now and then a manufacturer will introduce a stunning show car, that actually makes it to production. The Lexus did exactly that about three years ago with the original LC 500 coupe well. At the 2022 LA Auto Show, they’ve taken the wraps often even more gorgeous LC meet the 2022 LC 500 convertible.

Lexus LC500 2022 Specs

Now it’s hard to believe that the LC has been around for three years and when this car came out back in 2017, it was stunning, it was a show car, it became a production car. Even three years later, this is a car that turns heads everywhere you take it.

Redesign and Changes

The coming around the side profile, now first of all the top we want to talk about that. Because it’s a convertible power soft top. The Lexus says it’ll open and close in about 15 seconds. The new 2022 LC 500 convertible top itself is made of very high-quality fabric, that is insulated that will protect you from the elements obviously.

Lexus LC500 2022 Price

It also shields you from the noise, because as you know at Lexus quietness is always a very important factor, Looks better with the top up or with the roof down honestly. We glad that Lexus won with the soft top because they were able to preserve the beautiful haunches and proportions of the Coopers.

It’s just a really expensive-looking car, We mean Lexus really wanted to make themselves know or remind people that. They are a Tier one luxury brand and this is the car. It’s going to do it you can get out the back things haven’t really changed with the taillights.

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Lexus LC500 2022 Exterior

In the car, you still have that three-dimensional to the LED taillights. You still have the nice rear diffuser there with the exhaust system which by the way it sounds incredible. The rear diffuser also hasn’t changed you have the nicely integrated exhaust. The v8 model sounds incredible, It’s one of the best sounding v8s.

Boot Capacity

Of course with the convertible model, you’re probably wondering with the trunk capacity. Now coming to the trunk capacity, that’s always an important consideration with a convertible Lexus happily says that. They were able to preserve the same size as the coupe which honestly was a little bit small, to begin with.

Lexus LC500 2022 Spy Photos

You still get around 4.8 cubic feet of space. It’s a very shallow trunk but the opening is fairly large. You can fit things like golf clubs there or maybe a small roller bag.

Lexus LC500 2022 Exterior

Back Seat

At least they are throwing in the modern tech features in terms of spaciousness. There you still have that little back seat back there. We would probably just use it to store packages, a backpack, a bag or something like that.

It’s really just there for you can’t actually put people back there. The Lexus still doesn’t offer to massage seats in the 2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible. We think at this price point in this segment, they should definitely consider offering that.

2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price and Release Date

If you continue looking to receive your support on the most stunning new convertibles. You can buy what’s it gon na cost well Lexus hasn’t announced any pricing just. They did say that the new Lexus LC 500 Convertible will be available starting next summer as in early 2020 one mile.

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With the coupe model starting around 94 thousand dollars, We wouldn’t be surprised to pay at least $5,000 more for the convertible. When you factor in its one of the sexiest new cars you can buy that beautiful fabric roof. The fact that it still has a trunk space that is usable.

This is gon na become a highly desirable car and we imagine. A lot of buyers looking for a vehicle like that are going to be quickly heading over to their Lexus showrooms.

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