2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Concept, Redesign, Price, & Spy Shots

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2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Concept, Redesign, Price, & Spy Shots. Several years ago Mercedes review a new CLA class, and now that vehicles stirred up quite a controversy. It was the first-ever front-wheel drive-based Mercedes Benz there in America. The controversy actually grew to become a pretty successful seller.

2023 MercedesAMG CLA 35 Engine

This is why we standing by the 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Price, Redesign, Changes, This is not just any CLA. This is the all-new CLA 35 a new entry point into the Mercedes AMG family.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Performance

This car, in general, feels very much like a CLA. The 7-speed dual-clutch is way better toon than the previous generation when you put your foot down. The old dual-clutch was really jerky, was really kind of sluggish to respond. The Mercedes has really worked hard to make the transmission much more responsive in this new version.

2023 MercedesAMG CLA 35 Wallpaper

The 4-cylinder actually is pretty smooth and it revs hard, it pulls hard all the way up to about 6500 rpm. It simply doesn’t possess the equivalent kind about crackles and pops, that he would get with the normal other AMG models.

We wondering if AMG did that because this is supposed to be more like an AMG light. This is again an Audi s3 competitor and that’s where it falls in the lab. Because the old one you either have the CLA 250 or you have the AMG model which was just you know a $20,000 hike versus this one.

2023 MercedesAMG CLA 35 Engine

Sport Mode Performance

The sport mode, you should just be able to floor the brake in the accelerator. This thing has its 4matic performance all-wheel-drive system. It automatically will shift it or split the power 50/50, So you’ll have 50% front 50% rear.

Remember this is still a front-drive biased car and it definitely feels quick. It sounds good in 0-60 in a 4 and a half seconds feels about right. Those of you who want something crazier you’re gon na want something like the AMG 45 model.

2023 MercedesAMG CLA 35 Concept


The new CLA is definitely one attractive looking car on the outside, what about the interior? The new Mercedes typically does a good job with that. The First thing we going to show you is the current Mercedes key. You can get the key is their newer one it even says AMG to let you know, that you do have the AMG model. Even though this is designed to be more of an AMG light.

2023 MercedesAMG CLA 35 Concept

Ss you approach the door handle of the CLA 35 you can get there’s an area there. Where you can touch the door handle that will lock the door street. It also folds in the mirrors when you have it set to do that, to unlock.

It touches the back of the door handle and that will unlock the door for you. Now our tester has the exact color combination. That we would purchase for me with this polar white exterior the upgraded $1,500 for the full leather interior.

With the AMG sports seats that’s three thousand bucks extra for those sports seats. But we love the two-tone with the red and the black contrasting white stitching. It’s got the great gray finished, matte-finished wood there which is really nice.

It also has the upgraded Burmaster sound system which sounds fantastic. These seats are also heated and cooled, they’re multi contoured seats, there are like 10 way adjustable with a three-person memory on both sides of the front seats.

On the driver side and on the passenger side, Again this interior makes an amazing first impression for a base or line Mercedes AMG product. This looks fantastic it gives me a sense that you know you’re in the bigger AMG GT a four-door or like over CLS class.

Redesign Exterior

When it comes to the design original CLA was based on the class which Mercedes did not offer in America for the longest time. Now that they offer the a-class there in the States. It’s allowed the CLA to move up Mercedes. This is now a little bit larger, a little bit sleeker and more expensive than the a-class design.

When you looking at the overall look of the new 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Price, Redesign, Changes, you can see that it is instantly recognizable as a CLA. It’s a very evolutionary look versus the previous generation. The one thing that Mercedes did upgrade is every CLA will come standard with full LED headlights, you’ll have LED low and high beams, LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals. That is one there has the update the upgraded adaptive LEDs.

These are swiveling headlights they look very nice, it actually again reminds you of the CLS class which is what the original CLA was based on this AMG model. Of course, it has its own unique grille with the AMG badge over there and then you have slightly more aggressive AMG tuned.

A bumper there although we were sad to report that some of the vents there are not functional vents. Nevertheless with this polar white exterior with the AMG Knight package, that our tester has there. If you think the regular a-class looks a little bit too, it is a rather distinctive looking car. This is supposed to be the Koopa file version so again the two vehicles ride on the exact same platform.

Wheel Choices and Panoramic Sunroof

When looking at the wheel choices, this one there is an optional 19-inch wheel. They’re wrapped in two 45 35 series tires you can get. It’s got AMG specific brakes the rotors are cross-drilled invented overall. When you go for the night package, we like the black look with the polar white exterior this is kind of what’s exactly nowadays especially.

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The panoramic sunroof that you’re seeing there is actually standard which is really nice. Because usually a lot of brands charge you a thousand bucks extra for it. It does go mostly to the back seats as well but it really makes the cabin a lot nicer.

Looking at the rest of the profile of this car its wheelbase has been stretched by about an inch versus the previous generation at about 184 inches long. This is about five inches longer than the new a-class about two inches longer overall versus the old CLA class.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Rear View

The rear of the vehicle you can see, it’s got a much more distinctive design versus the a-class some of you have told we are. That the a-class sedan kind of looks like a Hyundai or Kia product. This just looks like a traditional Mercedes-Benz product.

The fact that you know rear decklid their kind of tailors down and has this nice tasteful integrated spoiler. You’ve got the usual badging there new Mercedes CLA 35 AMG. Then down there you can see the exhaust tips.

These are a unique exhaustive for the AMG model, it also has its unique sound. That engine sounds like real quick. The one thing they did change the old model had the license plate integrated there. They’ve moved that there to the lower part of the bumper which does clean up the look nicely.

Cargo Capacity

Looking at the trunk capacity because the 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Price, Redesign is about five inches longer than the a-class. There is more trunk space around eleven point six cubic feet of space. That is about two cubic feet more than the aunt class. The seats also fold down in a 60-40 manner with a ski pass-through. Overall the trunk capacity is not bad for something that’s this size.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Interior

Inside the CLA definitely has a low step-in height, because this is a sedan and it’s more of a performance in it’s a little bit lower compared to the base model. The door actually sounds really solid for a car. That has pillarless glass frame doors, it has that really solid sound. So again a typical German car adds to that impression of quality.

To start up a car just put your foot on the brake, the button there to fire. , if the engine is right there you can see the vehicle starts right up.. Then you can see the 35 model comes standard with two screens there.

These are the two 10 inch displays, there is ten point two five-inch display. It’s part of their MB UX implement system, so if you say things like “hey Mercedes” it’s going to pop up and annoyingly. You know to tell you where, how she can help.

Interior Quality and New Feature

When looking at the rest of this cabin, you can see you’ve got the MB-tex stitch. With some genuine stitching, the wood grain looks great. This car has a beautiful interior ambient lighting where you could literally customize.

The lighting to your choice this interior is very similar to the a-class, The 220 that We showed you a couple of months ago with some differences obviously. The steering wheel is unique really like the steering wheel with a flat bottom. It’s got the suede Alcantara.

You can’t option in like a sports track package, which would include a little rotary dial there for the drive mode selector. Which our tester does not have the wheel itself is just a manual.

The Tilt telescoping which is fine it’s, What we basically expected in this segment, you can see there the wood grain is continued over. You have more red leather, the windows are one-touch automatic up/down for all four.

And then, you can see your heated and cooled seats are over there. This is like a 1500 $1000 option. If you want the heated and cooled seats your headlight controls are over there. The transmission controller is over there. You can see the full 360 camera which gives you an amazing view when you put the vehicle in reverse. It has parking sensors rear and front.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system the MB UX, you can literally control it from voice, you can control it from a touchscreen. It begins to introduce Android auto plus apple car play but not the wireless apple car play. Which is annoying you have to connect it to the USB.

If you want a wireless phone charger right there, which is a lot $250 extra. The navigation system also includes its augmented reality. If you’re driving along it shows directions or it shows a camera image from over there and displays them to the nav, this means.

The overlay of the street names, That is something Mercedes-Benz did first the GPS is fantastic. This is one of the best ones in the cyst in the business. Basically can compete with Audi’s Google Earth, with something like this especially with that virtual augmented reality.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Back Seat

The CLA has that sloping roofline you do lose some Headroom back there. The Mercedes says you lose about two inches of headroom. Once you actually get back there At somebody who’s not very tall. Our head is already touching the ceiling, so keep that in mind because if you have tall friends you’re probably gon na want the class instead.

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When you looking at the rest of the space back there, these sports seats again are actually nicely sculpted. New Mercedes says you get around thirty-three points nine inches of legroom back there.

Which is pretty small but remember, this is a small car there’s a relatively large hump there. That will intrude on your middle passenger and there are two rear-seat air vents back there.

Then the rest of this interior, you can get there’s a nice armrest. That folds down, they give you two cupholders but there’s no he did rear seats back there. , if you open that up you do get two USB C charging ports.

Driving New Mercedes AMG CLA 35

When it first came out back in 2014, the first-generation Mercedes CLA was definitely a controversial car. We mean let’s be honest a lot of enthusiasts balked at the idea of a front-wheel drive. The Mercedes-Benz just didn’t make sense there, in America where this is a premium performance brand.

This has actually been a relatively successful model for Mercedes when you driving the second generation model. The company consistently moves around 20 to 25,000 every year, because of the new eight classes in the lineup.

We had a chance to show you that a couple of months ago the 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 has been able to move a little bit more upmarket. They’ve made it you know sleeker-looking they made it longer wider. They’ve added a new model this particular one the AMG 35 model is the new entry point into the CLA or the AMG family.

The first-ever are the least expensive entry-level with AMG models. With about 302 horsepower 295 foot-pounds of torque, this has the kind of performance figures as something like a Volkswagen Golf R or es-3a BMW m24 TI. When you use the race, Mercedes says you’ll get to 60 in around 4.6 seconds.

Engine Specs

The under the hood it has a 302 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder, standard 4matic plus all-wheel drive in a 7-speed Speedshift dual-clutch transmission. It is designed to go head-to-head with Audi s3 and the new BMW m235i gran coupe.

Any Mercedes-amg product you’re probably wondering what’s going on underneath. The hood now the base CLA 250 has a 2-liter turbocharged engine, that makes 221 horsepower up 13 horsepower versus the old one.

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This is the motor that’s an all-new engine for 2023 this is the CLA 35, It also has a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder but with the wick turned up to 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

The CLA 35 in the middle of the line, because there’s also a CLA 45 which has about 382 horsepower or 416 if you go for the F small. This is the one that’s kind of the Goldilocks in the lineup. It all goes out through a 7-speed Speedshift dual-clutch transmission.

We imagine this is going to be somewhat close to that be sure to put premium gases in it. They didn’t have the final weight figures yet but we say this one weighs around 3600 pounds. Mercedes-Benz says you’ll get to 60 in around 4.5 seconds.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Price and Release Date

The original CLA managed to sell around 20 to 25,000 units annually and a lot of people. A lot of enthusiasts actually traded up from a GTI into the first generation CLA.

The all-new 2023 model we happy to report that it has all of the characteristics. That we like about the CLA, it’s still a really sexy looking car much, sleeker-looking versus the a-class, it’s got a completely new interior. That is just the world’s better versus the previous generation which had a lot of cheap materials.

The price what’s it going to cost to put a 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Price, Redesign, Changes in your driveway well this car starts at around $36,000 for the base 250 adds two grand for 4matic all-wheel drive. You’re gon na spend about 10 grand more for the 35, This car starts at forty-six thousand nine hundred dollars.

Now that is right in line with something like the Audi s3 which is around 44 thousand dollars. The BMW m235i grand coupe they just announced pricing on that, It’s around forty-six thousand five hundred. so this is a little bit more expensive but typical or with Mercedes-Benz, you’re gon na be paying a little bit more for the sleeker design.

That is not the base model, in fact in terms of options. This is practical as Lotus as you can get with the night package with the energizing comfort package. With the Premium Package, with the driver system package, this was its system stickers for 60 $6000.

Which is a stupid amount of money, We think it’s a little bit overpriced by about five grand. We think if you keep easy on the options for around fifty-eight thousand dollars. This car makes sense but around 66 you could probably step up to a c-class.

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